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It’s getting to that time of year where frost will become a regular morning occurrence, de icing your car will be a laborious task and most will be relying upon that first coffee of the day to get them going.

At this time of the year, even the most eagle eyed motorists may miss something vital that could leave them caught short!

We’ve compiled a short list that should take no more than a few minutes for you to check on your car to give you peace of mind. Of course, if you wish for us to check over these points – we’d be more than happy to help, just give us a call.


Tyres have a legal tread depth of 1.6mm in the UK. Theres an easy way to check by using a 20 Pence piece as well as looking at the wear indicators. It’s also a good time to quickly check the date the tyre was manufactured and check for dry cracking. Tyre manufacturers say to change your tyres every 5 years, we find around 7 years is where it becomes more important due to the rubber losing it’s suppleness with age and therefore not performing to it’s original expected standards, increasing your stopping distance and decreasing the grip level of the tyre.

Tyre Pressures

Tyre pressures play a massive role in tyre wear and stopping distances. You can usually find your tyre pressures on the door shut or on the inside of the petrol cap. Ensuring your pressures are correct will allow the tyres to grip the road efficiently and stop the vehicle quicker.

Winter Tyres

Most manufacturers suggest using winter tyres during the colder months. From our experience, these work amazingly well during extreme snow and ice, but are not wholly necessary for other conditions. If you would like to try some winter tyres this cold season, feel free to contact us for pricing.

Emergency Tyre Sealant

It’s impressive the amount of tyre sealant being carried around by Porsche owners, unaware of it’s lack of effectiveness when you might need it the most. Most tyre sealant we see in cars is over 10 years old and should be replaced. Imagine the sight of coming out to a flat tyre and your tyre sealant doesn’t work when businesses are closed over Christmas, this could be solved in a lot of instances if your tyre sealant is in date and the hole is not too significant – it could just get you home for Christmas! Please feel free to get in touch for a price to suit your car now.

Screen Wash

Most screen washes sold in the UK barely go down below freezing, the chances are you don’t have screen wash in your car that will work under minus 1 degrees. If you wish to avoid not being able to clear your screen of the salt on the windscreen this winter – get in touch and we can look to provide you with the correct concentrate of screen wash to suit the season.

Coolant Level

Did you know that in most instances Porsche recommends changing your Coolant every 12 years? A lot of cars we see are lower mileage, therefore may not have had a water pump changed in it’s life and therefore never had the coolant replaced. Check your service records and the coolant level from cold on a flat surface to ensure your car’s not going to suffer from freezing which can cause all manner of mechanical problems. If you are unsure, feel free to call us and drop in for us to perform a simple test to give you the answers.