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For 20 years, Porsche and the Mobil 1 team have collaborated in both the development of engines in vehicles driven on the road, as well as on the track for Porsche Racing. Porsche shares the same commitment to research and advanced technology that goes into Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil. And Mobil 1 motor oils offer the durability, optimum engine efficiency and anti-wear protection that Porsche’s high-performance sports cars require.

“ExxonMobil is one of our closest and most important cooperation partners, not only in motorsport but also in the development of our production engines, which are filled at the factory with the high-performance lubricant Mobil 1,” says Dr. Michael Steiner, Porsche’s Member of the Executive Board – Research and Development.

Mobil operate a scheme whereby Maintenance and Service agents of a recognised high quality are given the title of Mobil Service Centre. We at Weissach UK are proud to be one of these authorised Mobil Service Centres. This is the only scheme that guarantees a ‘Factory Fill’ meaning the same standard of products the car left the factory with are used at Service (or the newest version of that formula).

This means that our customers can be assured of the following as a minimum.

  • Use of the correct Mobil Oil in your Porsche, as recommended by Porsche themselves.
  • Correct filling procedures followed, as prescribed by Porsche.
  • Facility is safe, clean and tidy.
  • Staff are well trained and professional.
  • Equipment is in good condition.
  • Outlet location is visible.
  • Waiting area for customer.
  • Parking facilities.

Using the correct oil in your valued car is critical, and working with a recognised Mobil Service Centre is the best way to have confidence that this, and all work has been carried out to the highest standard. Rest assured that Weissach UK have the best interests of both our customers and their cars in ensuring the correct products are used at the correct time, following the same Service Schedule as Official Porsche Centres.

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