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After an exciting first year in racing in 2023, Weissach UK is due to return to the Porsche Club Motorsport Championship in 2024.

To start off Weissach’s racing year with a real spring it’s step, Weissach has sought it’s first Driver as part of the new Arrive and Drive package in the name of non other than Joey Foster.

Joey’s racing history has been a very interesting one to say the least! His statistics are impressive with an almost 40% Podium Percentage and almost 20% Win percentage over just over 250 races.

Joey is notable for results, such as a Formula 3 title, six Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy wins and in his carting days raced against greats such as Lewis Hamilton and Paul Di Resta.

Later on in life, Joey raced in F3 against Nico Hulkenberg before dramatically having a big off into Turn 1 at the Lausitzring Oval where Joey went backwards into the wall breaking the back of his neck.

After a year and a half and several operations, braced with metal spanning 6 vertebrae, Joey returned and made his debut at LeMans.

Around this time Joey went on to take part in an F3 Championship that came down to the wire between three drivers Tim Macrow, Mitch Evans and Joey. Joey ultimately took the win and became F3 Champion.

Not long after, Joey was racing at Spa-Francorchamps and after initially noticing what he thought was a misjudged braking point on the last chicane, the same at La Source, he trundled round up to Eau Rouge and on the turn in at the top of the hill, had massive oversteer, which he semi saved but not before it snapping again and putting him into and over the barriers – breaking his back again! This turned out to be because of a failure to his rear wing.

Joey is currently developing a team with a friend and is taking drives such as the one for Weissach in the upcoming season opener in the Porsche Club Great Britain Motorsport Series.