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The Taycan is Porsche’s first modern take on an EV (yes really, check out the 1900 the 22mph Lohner-Porsche Electromobile as presented at the Paris Expo), and is considered by many to be a superb EV and indeed, motor car generally.

As with all cars, they also have their challenges and this came to the fore with us recently, when we had one delivered to us by a recovery truck.  On this particular car, one of the battery coolant pipes had been damaged allowing all of the coolant to escape, and rendering the car undriveable given the potential for the battery to overheat, with very concerning results.

In the way that we look out for the condition of coffin arms, cross-over coolant pipes and potentially corroded brake lines on the Porsche sports cars, what else do we need to look out for when considering a Taycan.  Here are some thoughts:

In late 2023 we saw report’s of a 2020 Taycan 4S with over 50k miles on the clock was advertised for £57,000. It had had a new battery pack installed under warranty. That work was priced at £55,000. Batteries will fail at some point, as will most components on any car, and when they do it’s expensive – and they are very hard to get hold of

There are also reports of sudden and unexplained drops in a car’s indicated ranges or a red screen with a message to immediately stop in a safe place. An authority in the US looked into this and concluded that the 12v battery was running flat, and this shut off the main driving battery pack. Software updates and high voltage charging units have both been applied to fix.

The Taycan is unusual in that there is a gearbox to change gear between bottom and top.  It has been reported that some transmissions have changed from drive to neutral, or even from drive to park!

Some Taycans have suffered significant inside shoulder wear on the rear tyres, which has usually been put down to incorrect alignment. So this is something to check on a regular basis to save on the cost of replacing those big tyres.

On the interior, problematic air-con units have been reported.  Noisy compressors need replacing and cold weather can show up an inability to get the car warmed enough.  The infotainment can be problematic. The Management screen has been known to go blank,  and stop showing the sat-nav screen, the reversing camera, the climate control and other functions displayed there.  It seems that software updates don’t always resolve the PCM issue, and a recall was announced to apply a general fix.

Most of all – don’t damage the battery pack.

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