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At Weissach UK, we are proud to have Hawkeye Hunter Engineering Wheel alignment installed on site. Our alignment set up utilises our in the floor flush mounted 5 metre long, 5 tonne capacity ramp which means that we can easily place the lowest of cars onto our ramp with ease.

With this specialist set up, we can offer accurate and repeatable wheel alignments using Hunter’s industry leading state of the art software on our Calibrated and certified set up, proudly awarded to us by Pro – Align the UK’s main agent retailer, installer and maintenance provider for Hunter Engineering Wheel alignment platforms.

Hunter Wheel Alignment - Cheshire

With the Hunter Wheel Alignment set up, we can ensure that every time your car visits our workshop, there are no issues surrounding your alignment which in turn will lead to healthy tyre wear, saving you in the long run but most importantly this provides you with the driving experience as Porsche intended from the factory – every time.

As part of getting your alignment inputs correct, we inspect all elements of the cars suspension to check for excessive wear or play due to age or mileage. We also check over your tyres for the current tyre wear as well as to check the general condition to ensure there are no defects.

If you require tyres, we have supply infrastructure, which allows for twice a day deliveries to our workshop, utilising a wide range of tyres. With our expert knowledge, we can help you pick the right tyre for you at the right price point.

In house, we have state of the art Hoffman Tyre Balancers and Hoffman 3 arm tyre changers which are extremely safe to ensure no damage occurs to either the wheels or the tyres. This equipment is again calibrated regularly and allows for repeatable performance in the service in which we offer.

If your car is used for fast road, track work or a mix of both, we can offer a set up that offers good tyre wear and therefore longevity of the tyre, while also offering Performance when needed. The more aggressive of a set up Geometry Wise on the car, hand in hand the more aggressive the tyre wear on the car.

We look after all kinds of Porsches from the Family Panamera, Macan and Cayenne to Race Cars, Stripped out lightweight tracked prepared Boxsters and 911’s to rare 1 of 1 GT3’s and everything in between – it’s clear then that we have every type of Customers needs and requirements covered.

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your tailored requirements.