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At Weissach UK, we have worked several times on the Project 980, commonly known as the Carrera GT model and are very aware of it’s needs as well as the special care and handling required with it being the unique car that it is – right down to the special tools required to even place these cars on a ramp.

We are used to carrying out regular maintenance as per the Porsche Service Schedule as members of the Porsche Partner Network (PPN) in addition to other maintenance that is not standardised in the service schedule – such as replacement items due to wear and tear on ball joints, or rubber deteriorating due to age.

Weissach UK is also proud to be a Porsche Mobil 1 Service Centre, therefore all the fluids the factory intend to be used on this vehicle are used and not any inferior alternatives.

From experience, we often find that the main problems with Carrera GT’s are as a result of their lack of use. We know exactly how to tackle these issues and are able to keep things cost-effective when compared to an Official Porsche Centre (OPC) at twice the hourly labour rate.

While a standard Carrera GT is a fantastic vehicle, we also offer great upgrades from the factory delivered SACHS dampers to the new KW HLS4 (Hydraulic Lift System 4) suspension dampers as well as being able to set the car up in Standard, Fast Road or Track Geometry Settings using our state of the art Hunter Engineering laser wheel alignment set up.

To develop a plan on keeping your Carrera GT in top shape, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your tailored requirements.

KW HLS4 Overview

HLS is a retrofit system developed by KW Suspension to allow the car to be raised using the hydraulic cylinder unit fitted on the coilover body between the spring perch and the spring. This therefore does not affect the cars normal handling as there is no compression of the extended cylinder unit and therefore no unwanted / unnecessary additional suspension movement.

The key advantage of this system is that it allows greater ground clearance which helps to avoid damage to the undercarriage.

The HLS4 System starts from £14,995* plus fitting.

*(Price subject to change dependant on manufacturers RRP)

The KW system has recently been fitted to Nick ‘Quick Nick’ Heidfelds’ personal Carrera GT. There is a great video on YouTube by KW of his experience, link below: