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PORSCHE 911 (992)

from £399.99 +VAT*

Porsche 911 (992) Service Schedule

Yearly Maintenance or every 10,000 miles:

-An overall Vehicle Inspection reporting on any findings, this allows us to map a plan for any future works pro-actively rather than reactively
-Change engine oil and filter – as a Mobil 1 Service Centre we would only use Mobil 1 lubricants during this service
-Some items naturally will require updating or replacing as a result of the inspection
-If the age or mileage deemed it necessary, the following items could be added to the annual service:

Every 20,000 miles, or every 2 Years:
-Porsche recommends the replacement of brake fluid
-Replacement of the cabin pollen filter
-Replace cabin pre-filter element

991.2 – Additional Maintenance Every 30K or 3 Years:
-Replace Spark Plugs

Every 40,000 miles, or 4 years:
-Replace Spark plugs (991.1)

Every 60,000 miles, or 6 Years:
-Replace Air Filters
-Replace drive belt

Every 120,000 miles, or 12 Years:
-Replace manual transmission fluid (if applicable)
-Replace PDK transmission oil
-Replace front differential oil (4wd) (if applicable)

*based upon an oil and filter change using Mobil Porsche Approved Oil, OE filters and Genuine where OE is not available. Genuine parts can be used throughout at an additional cost.